What are integrations?

  • We provide a variety of integrations that make it quick and easy to connect your app with micro stat.
  • This page will help you to learn about what integrations are, and which ones we offer for the technology in your app.

What is an Integration

  • An Integration is code we provide that you can install in your application. It gives you simple interfaces to take advantage of all the features micro stat can offer.

  • Integrations communicate with our API to ingest your data when you publish metrics.

  • We built all of our integrations with the aim of making it easy to get up and running in your app. We think you can publish your own metrics within 5 minutes of starting, let us know how you get on.

  • All Integrations follow a common theme...

  1. Install - Choose the integrator applicable to the technology in your app and install it
  2. Connect DSN - Using the integration, connect your app to your project in micro stat
  3. Publish Metrics - Define your metrics in code and publish them, they will be visible in the dashboard

What Integrations are available?

  • We want to offer an integration for every technology your app could be created in but it will take time for us to cover all the technologies available.

  • If you want an integration in a technology we don't yet support, why not build it and share it with the community? Alternatively let us know and we will prioritise the most asked for features.

  • If you can't see an integration you want, or simply prefer not to use one; feel free to use our API directly.

  1. Javascript Applications - Learn More - Including React, Vue, Angular and more
  2. NodeJS Applications - Learn More - Including NodeJS API's and serverless Lambda's
  3. Other Technologies - Learn More - Integrate directly with our API
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